SEEK Closing Workshop on Climate Policy, Technology, and Competitiveness in Dublin

The closing workshop of SEEK project "Competitiveness Impacts in a World with Uneven Carbon Constraints" took place in Dublin on September 11, 2013. ZEW researchers Dr. Michael Hübler and Dr. Oliver Schenker jointly hosted the workshop with Carolyn Fischer, PhD, from Resources for the Future (RFF).

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ZEW policy brief Published - The Division of Tasks, Offshoring, and Efficiency Gains

The Division of Tasks, Offshoring, and Efficiency Gains Recent developments in information and communication technologies (ICT) and the growth of emerging economies such as China and India have not only increased international trade but have also led to offshoring of activities away from Europe.…

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ZEW policy brief Published - Incentives and Creativity

In knowledge-intensive economies, ideas and innovation are key drivers of a company's competitiveness and success. In such a climate a company must strategise methods designed to incentivize the generation of new ideas and build a culture that rewards the production of knowledge. Funded by ZEW's…

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ZEW policy brief Published - An Integrated Analysis of the Public Support to the European Auto Industry

Public intervention in the automotive industry has a long, global history. In Europe, both, individual member states and the European Union (EU), often allocate public resources to automobile manufacturers through a wide variety of instruments and institutions. This willingness to offer support to…

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Third SEEK Conference Report Published

More than 150 international economists from science and economy discussed current developments in European labour markets during the third SEEK Conference "Engines for More and Better Jobs in Europe" on April 25-26, 2013, at ZEW. The SEEK Special Edition of the ZEWnews offers a summary on the…

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ZEW policy brief Published: Comparing Online Shopping Prices Is Worth the Effort

Internet shopping is becoming more and more popular. On price comparison sites users can obtain helpful advice, where to find the best price. A study conducted by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim and the University of Linz within the framework of the SEEK research…

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