SEEK Study Presented at FRS Climate Annual Conference

On 26 November 2020, ZEW advanced researcher Claire Gavard, PhD presented the results of her SEEK study “The Local Economic Impacts of Wind Power Deployment in Denmark” online at the FSR Climate Annual Conference of the European University Institute (EUI).

At the political level, the argument of a potential positive employment effect of renewable energy is often used to justify support policies for these technologies. Claire Gavard’s SEEK project was dedicated to shed light on this question by empirically characterising the local economic impact of wind power. Due to its long experience with this type of energy, Denmark served as a case study. Panel data from the Danish Statistical Office in combination with detailed information on wind turbines in operation were used for the econometric analysis. The first results suggest that the positive income effect of new turbines in the year after their connection to the grid induces increases in the municipal budget and local employment in the following year. These economic benefits would tend to encourage local communities to invest in these technologies.