SEEK Closing Workshop on Climate Policy, Technology, and Competitiveness in Dublin

The closing workshop of SEEK project "Competitiveness Impacts in a World with Uneven Carbon Constraints" took place in Dublin on September 11, 2013. ZEW researchers Dr. Michael Hübler and Dr. Oliver Schenker jointly hosted the workshop with Carolyn Fischer, PhD, from Resources for the Future (RFF).

RFF is a SEEK project partner and a renowned research institution for environmental economics and policy in Washington, D.C. Together with Prof. Sjak Smulders (Tilburg University), Taran Faehn (Statistics Norway), Prof. Sourafel Girma (University of Nottingham), and Antoine Dechezleprêtre, PhD, (London School of Economics and Political Science), the project team presented and discussed inspiring research results and their relevance to climate policy as well as technology and competitiveness. Moreover, the workshop participants explored options for future co-operation.


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